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“My motto…for young and medium-aged women is that we have to learn to interrupt because you don’t get called on just because people think you should be. You have to have some thoughts and interrupt.” 

Madeleine Albright

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What’s all this #interrupting about?

Over the past year, much ink has been spilled on how women need to speak up and lean in; on how they need to be represented more and better across foreign policy institutions and in and on the media. According to the Op-Ed Project, women author only 10-20% of op-eds. Another way to look at the status quo: a woman over 65 is less likely to be cited as an expert in the media as a boy in the 13 to 18 age group. We can do better than this.

There’s been talk on instituting quotas. Implementing paradigm shifts. Changing the ratio. All have been thrown around in conversation, punctuated with books and editorials by the likes of Sheryl Sandberg and Anne-Marie Slaughter, and searing debates. Twitter feeds and list-servs buzz with overly baked critiques and undercooked ideas on how to push the conversation forward. The “why” in all of this is quite clear and inarguable, but the “how” remains elusive.

This is where Foreign Policy Interrupted comes in.

FPI fills the void from the ground up through a cohesive fellowship program, including media training and meaningful mentoring at partnering media institutions. We’re helping women break both internal and external barriers. 

For more on our plans for world domination, read our interview with the Council on Foreign Relations.

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Who are we?

Two foreign policy fiends dedicated to getting more female experts miked and bylined.

Elmira Bayrasli writes about global entrepreneurs and is a fellow at the World Policy Institute focused on entrepreneurial ecosystems. A regular contributor to Forbes and VentureBeat, her current project is Steve Jobs Lives in Pakistan: Extraordinary Entrepreneurs in the Developing World with Public Affairs. It is a book that looks at the growth of innovation beyond Silicon Valley, focusing on talented individuals around the world who have overcome insurmountable obstacles to lead high-growth businesses. She has lived in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina where she was the Chief Spokesperson for the OSCE Mission. From 1994-2000 she was presidential appointee at the State Department, working for Madeleine Albright and Richard Holbrooke, respectively.

Proudly from Brooklyn (pre-hipsters), she practices yoga, loves potato chips and roots for the Mets. Follow her tweets on all things entrepreneurship @EndeavoringE.

Lauren Bohn is a multimedia journalist based in Istanbul and columnist for Foreign Policy. She was a 2012 Overseas Press Foundation fellow at the Associated Press in Jerusalem and 2013 UN Foundation press fellow. She was a 2011 Fulbright fellow in Egypt, where she helped spearhead the creation and production of the Cairo Review of Global Affairs. She’s also a Pulitzer Center for Conflict Reporting grantee, working on an ongoing reporting project “Egypt: The Country Outside the Square.” She reported in Zambia last summer on a global health reporting fellowship from the International Reporting Project and in Malawi last winter with the UN Foundation. Her multimedia work has been published by CNN, NBC News, The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Businessweek, TIME, Foreign Policy, the Atlantic, Christian Science Monitor, Salon, and others. In 2012, she was short-listed for the prestigious Livingston Award.

Proudly from the Philly ‘burbs (#Wawa #Hoagies), she has a sweet-spot for English bulldogs and the stationery/office supplies section of Target. Follow her tweets for dispatches on the road, including ample food-porn, @LaurenBohn.

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Also, an important announcement regarding the ensuing ‘Lean in’ vs. ‘Recline’ debate: For the record, we encourage y’all to lean in, recline, back-flip, go horizontal, or even Bakasna, just as long as you stay true to yourself, own your awesomeness, and encourage others to do the same. Onwards.

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  1. Very interested in learning and listening to better understand how I can help make a difference.

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